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Food for the Gods written by Nehprii Amenii Theater Performance

Food for the Gods

Written & Directed by Nehprii Amenii

Food for the Gods is a multimedia performance installation about “human value.” A three-part expression of rage, indifference, and celestial knowing. Inspired by the killings of Black men, this work uses object and puppet performance to explore dehumanization, light, invisibility and well...the magical-less-ness of it all.

Memories of the Little Elephant Book by Nehprii Amenii

Memories of the Little Elephant

May 15, 2008  by Nehprii Amenii (Author, Illustrator) 

A little girl, named for the memory of the elephant, tells her life story, and thus the story of African peoples from where it truly begins--the beginning of time! Her memory stretches back as far as the stars, to the movement of her family across the globe, to the building of great civilizations, and onto her journey across the Atlantic. "Memories of the Little Elephant" weaves centuries of time into one seamless story and builds self-esteem through cultural identity!

Daughter of Makahiya Nehprii Amenii Performing

Daughter of the Makahiya

Written and Performed by Nehprii Amenii

This one woman show is inspired by the experience of black men in America, and addresses the generational trauma that lives within black families. This work expresses the relationship between a father and daughter, and the space in between.