Nehprii Amenii

Maker of Things....Teller of Stories

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Khunum Productions is a Creative Productions and Consulting Company. It is currently at the beginning stages of recognizing itself as a platform for creative anthropology.  We are storytellers. Theatre, Film, Pageantry, spectacle, personal narrative, publishing, and education,  we are committed to the arts of enchantment.  We explore questions of and celebrate the magic of the living soul animated through human experience.  Khunum Productions aims to penetrate and transform the human heart with beauty based on the blueprint of creation.

Khunum Productions produces highly visual narrative-based productions that combines the personal, the social, and the magical to create experiences that transform the human heart, and thus our society. Khunum Productions is in the beginning stages of recognizing itself as a platform for what I call “Creative Anthropology.”  This means that I am interested in the study of what makes us human, and the interconnectedness of all people and things; Art is the method of examination. At this point in time, I am particularly interested in the excavation and reconstruction of African peoples, who have gone through a unique process of cultural erasure. The same as an archeological restoration artist uses chemicals and swabs to preserve and care for cultural objects, I use words, imagination, storytelling, personal narrative, music dance, and puppetry in attempt to restore what has been damaged in humanity.


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"The Seed Project" 


"FOOD FOR THE GODS", Written and Directed by Nehprii Amenii

Food for the Gods is a multi-media performance installation inspired by the killings of Black men at the hands of police and other institutions of authority "Food for the Gods" uses mixed-media and mask-puppetry to explore the process of dehumanization, positive and negative space, invisibility and well... the MAGICAL-less-ness of it all.  This play is an Audience immersive three-part expression of rage, indifference, and celestial knowings. 

The Women International Playwrights Conference and the University of Cape Town Welcomes Food for the Gods to South Africa. Summer 2015! 

"Daughter of the Makahiya" 


"When We Were Monkeys" 


"And this is How Women Become Dragons" 



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