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well… This site was supposed to be getting a bit of a face lift…but looks like the face-lifter…. made some changes i wasn’t expecting….sooooooo…. bare with things being a bit funky…. please….. apparently…i’m under construction!

(aren’t we all!)

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ever feel like crying for no reason 

no sadness.

no bawling.

no anger.

no nothing. 

rabbit ear antennas sticking out from my heart. 

a transistor radio screeching

more like.. why a dog whines during the storm...

they hear It..Something coming...they feel It for sure...

i hear It. Something coming.

and i can feel It for sure. 


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Im becoming more and  more... 

increasingly allergic to captivity

of all forms. 

on all levels. 

(see spot run.)


(i've always been good

at seeing spiderwebs in the air.

that one  floating thingy. caught mid air makes it easy. but even without...

 the light is my friend. sun and moon. 

laying a track of visibility on it's sticky thread.

stay free.)

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African Geneaolgy

there is a woman in white. walking in ellipses...

and my mind keeps hearing the words "we are family." 

broken narratives. 

cosmic genealogy. 

       african genealogy. 

" you're a pure black-american" he said to me. 

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