Nehprii Amenii

Maker of Things... Teller of Stories...


Food for the Gods  

Written and Directed by Nehprii Amenii

Oliver Twist

Adapted and Directed by Patrick Mullins, Production Design, Scenic Design, and Puppetry by Nehprii Amenii


Written by Alex Vasquez, Directed by Martin Balmaceda

Ebon Kojo and the Last tribe

Written and Composed by Scott Patterson, Directed by Nehprii Amenii

Street Pageantry

Ritual Theatre, and Public Art Installations  In Collaboration with Bread and Puppet theatre, Heart of the Beast Theatre, Sing For Hope and Lincoln Center

Puppeteering Performances

Works Directed by Dan Hurlin, Janie Geiser, and Sandy Speiler

Children's Theatre

Devised with the young performers and Directed by Nehprii Amenii

Asheville Creative Arts' Production of Click Clack Moo

Directed by Nehprii Amenii,

Scenic and Puppetry Design by Nehprii Amenii